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McEvoy Valve Company (Operator/Programmer/Systems Administrator)
Cameron Iron Works (Programmer/Systems Programmer)
Houston Data Center service bureau (VP/Programmer/Systems Programmer)
Direct Access Inc. service bureau (VP/Programmer/Systems Programmer/Documentation)
Inchcape Testing Services Caleb Brett (System Administrator)
ENSR Environmental Services (Programmer/Software Quality Control)
The Men's Wearhouse (Programmer/EDI admin./Documentation)
11 years with The Men's Wearhouse national headquarters IT Dept.
Programmer Consultant for these firms:
Petco (petroleum services)
SCI (funeral businesses)
Continental Airlines
Smith Drilling Systems
Digicon, Inc. (Geophysical)
Other types of business:
Petroleum shipping, synagogue accounting and cemetery gravesite inventory, limousine services, network hardware and software installation.